Today (The Stranger)

Today, i helped a stranger in


not going out of her way to


why a dog barks out


sunny skies and a rain


Stranger in distress,

hoping for success,

vivid scenes from the past,

building up dreams so fast,

a second, a minute and an hour,

a rain drop,

a flower ,

and a shower

a transformed stranger with so much

power. ” :)


(first written on 04/26/13)

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Tahira A.

Tahira A.

TAHIRA AHMAD is a mother of three, wife, sister, and friend. She works as a children’s librarian and believes that writing provides her with a wonderful opportunity to explore her magical world. Tahira resides in Merrick, New York. "Snapshots: Silent Thoughts in Words" is her first collection of poems.

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