The To- Do List

” Do this,

do that,

do everything right.

Go here,

go there,

go everywhere without fear.

Inspire others,

create wonders,

seek what is relevant, all things attainable,

even when not measurable.

Establish a bond,

create a pond,

sisters, brothers and


Think big

go fast,



bring in the jolly old lady with a wig,

Believe in you

create a clue,

make up a world of dreams

where everyone wins”. 🙂

(first written on 05/14/13)

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Tahira A.

Tahira A.

TAHIRA AHMAD is a mother of three, wife, sister, and friend. She works as a children’s librarian and believes that writing provides her with a wonderful opportunity to explore her magical world. Tahira resides in Merrick, New York. "Snapshots: Silent Thoughts in Words" is her first collection of poems.

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