A strange feeling :)

“How strange it feels, the thought of letting go, So harder than it should be, even when i need to show. I’ve got to think up bigger things, i’ve got to pick up the phone when it rings. Playing the brain game, passing out no blame, acknowledging all that came, ignoring all pain. I may let go after a prayer or two, a visit from a friend in blue, a baby, a mother and a…

"A strange feeling :)"

The Closet

“A closet filled with things that rhyme, all pilled up for you to save us time, Everything that we may share, from anything that shows how much we care, Choosing the perfect rhyme, let’s pass through time, and commit no crime, with a mime and a dime, our closet is trully filled with things that rhyme.”    (first written on 04/27/13)

"The Closet"

Today (The Stranger)

“Today, i helped a stranger in distress, not going out of her way to confess, why a dog barks out loud, sunny skies and a rain cloud. Stranger in distress, hoping for success, vivid scenes from the past, building up dreams so fast, a second, a minute and an hour, a rain drop, a flower , and a shower a transformed stranger with so much power. ”    (first written on 04/26/13)

"Today (The Stranger)"


“Emotions recollected,,Like words recreated A struggle from darkness Towards what could be recommended. An overflow of feelings, Something spontaneous in all my dealings. A sigh and I could be willing, To create a scream Out of a feeling. Some realization of an ideal Identification of what could be real, emotions created in a state of tranquil.” 🙂