Consciousness of being seeing and
An accelerated transformation
Divine transmutation
Total realization
Renouncing abysmal ignorance
Exposing the real significance.

The end of illusional perceptions and
Impractical ideas and dys-functional

Knowledge is unfold,
History to be told,
Innate abilities to behold

The truth and identifications,
Awareness of all that is cosmic,
Reality and not comic,
Un-restricted functions
Wisdom- guided expressions,

Life is timeless, practical and
To learn,
To be expressive
To demonstrate noble qualities
Leades to purposeful living,

The liberation of illusions,
The end of troubles and limitations,
Awakening with endless possibilities
Exploring with joyful thanks-givings

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Tahira A.

Tahira A.

TAHIRA AHMAD is a mother of three, wife, sister, and friend. She works as a children’s librarian and believes that writing provides her with a wonderful opportunity to explore her magical world. Tahira resides in Merrick, New York. "Snapshots: Silent Thoughts in Words" is her first collection of poems.

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