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ASSALAMU-ALAIKUM (peace be upon you)!

Hello, hi, howdy, and every other word that expresses “WELCOME”. Welcome to MY WORLD. My name is, Tahira “Ayo”, and I welcome you to my world.

I like to think of myself as a writer (amongst other things) and poet. Like any other writer or poet, my writings are based on me…my life, my world…whatever makes me who I am, who I was, or who I could be.

Everything I have ever written, (or will ever write) comes from all the wonderful “ME” that makes up the real me, i.e., the happy me, the sad me, the playful me, the serious impressive me, the brave me, the scared me, the furious me, the cheerful, forgiving me…all the amazing, inexplicable mees. !!!

Writing gives me a wonderful opportunity to keep exploring my magical world …a kind of “secret hiding place”, where beautiful words, flow into sweet sounding sentences and I see myself, appreciating each sentence, as they enrich my feelings about scenes from days of my life.

Life is beautiful, Life, is wonderful. Writing makes it possible for me to capture Life’s beauty and re-create it as I have experienced it, so pure, and so real. My writings, I hope, will be used not only for enjoyment, or entertainment, but to express in a creative way, feelings about the environment, life styles, sorrows, joys and everyday occurrences of this “life time”.

I believe with time, the original meanings of what each writing means may be forgotten, but I hope the enjoyment of the enchanting words, will remain.

This website, has truly been a joy to research and create. I share it with you and wish you the same enchantment.

Many thanks to my husband (the webmaster) and everyone connected with this site…good spirits, good feelings and love.

These writings are original, created from the satisfaction and dissatisfactions of many creative ideas and by them I stand, allowing of course, anyone the right to criticize or disagree.